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"Clacks" is the abbreviation of Clackmannanshire, a county in Scotland, bordering the council areas of Stirling, Fife and Perth & Kinross. The name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic: Siorrachd Chlach Mhannainn meaning "Stone of Manau". As smallest historic county, it is often nicknamed "The Wee County".


Towns and Villages in Clackmannanshire

Alloa, Alva, Cambus, Clackmannan, Coalsnaughton, Devonside, Dollar, Fishcross, Forestmill, Glenochil, Inglewood, Kennet, Menstrie, Muckhart, Sauchie, Solsgirth, Tillicoultry, Tullibody.


Humans Of Clacks


"Humans Of Clacks" is a Photographic Journey to document the life of people living in Clackmannanshire. It is estimated that 50,000 people inhabit this "wee county" around half of which are living in the main town of Alloa, which is also the administrative hub of the county.

The idea is to document, through photography, the daily life of as many persons as possible living in Clackmannanshire, and creating a social documentary that will hopefully contribute to the county's history for years to come. Each person will be allowed the opportunity to give a brief description of themselves......... Who they are? What they do? Where they're from?

The project has started March 10, 2015 with Alloa being the first town documented. It is open to persons from all walks of life, and there's no discrimination against race or gender.  

Anyone interested in contributing to this project, and would like to have your photo published with your short story, feel free to contact us.

Hope you'll be as excited as we are to make such an invaluable contribution to Clackmannanshire's history. 

Thank you for your interest on this mega project ;-) 


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